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Curriculum and Instruction - Empowering 21st Century Learners




Social Studies Department

Adrian E. Cantú, Social Studies Strategist





Vanessa L. Suarez, Social Studies Secretary



Office Phone Number:  956-969-6660


Social Studies Moodle

Enrollment Key:  6708



Access Key Required



Scope and Sequence & Year at a Glance 

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New Teacher Orientation - August 2016




Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
Grade ELAR Math Science Social Studies
Kindergarten ELAR Kinder Math Kinder Sci. Kinder SS Kinder
1st ELAR Gr. 1 Math Gr. 1 Sci. Gr. 1 SS Gr. 1
2nd ELAR Gr. 2 Math Gr. 2 Sci. Gr. 2 SS Gr. 2
3rd ELAR Gr. 3 Math Gr. 3 Sci. Gr. 3 SS Gr. 3
4th ELAR Gr. 4 Math Gr. 4 Sci. Gr. 4 SS Gr. 4
5th ELAR Gr. 5 Math Gr. 5 Sci. Gr. 5 SS Gr. 5
6th ELAR Gr. 6 Math Gr. 6 Sci. Gr. 6 SS Gr. 6
7th ELAR Gr. 7 Math Gr. 7 Sci. Gr. 7 SS Gr. 7
8th ELAR Gr. 8 Math Gr. 8 Sci. Gr. 8 SS Gr. 8
High School
English I Algebra I IPC World History
English II Geometry Biology U.S. History
English III Algebra II Chemistry Government
English IV Pre-Calculus Physics Economics
    Environmental Systems  
    Earth & Space Science  


"WISD students are empowered 21st century learners with effective communication, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills they can adapt for success in higher education and the diverse global marketplace.  Students are engaged in learning through real-world opportunities that extend beyond the classroom and the school day.  All WISD staff members are committed to facilitating and inspiring student learning and creativity; designing and developing digital-age learning experiences; and modeling digital-age work, citizenship, and responsible learning by engaging in continuous professional growth and leadership." 


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